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It is very important to have a quality organic day cream with SPF to protect your skin against harmful sunlight and at the same time to treat it, deliver the healthful components to the cells, moisturize and nourish it. In the Dead Sea Shop, you can see a wide range of creams for this purpose with various powers of protection. Look through the catalogue and make the right choice.

About day cream

Choosing day cream organic products are the priority because they do not contain harmful components. This product should help us to keep the skin healthy, reduce and prevent wrinkles. There are day creams which fight various narrow skin issues removing pimples or redness for instance. It is important to apply the chosen product on a face every day to avoid dull skin. 

There is a difference between organic day and night cream. That is why you should not replace one with another. The night formula is usually very rich and not recommended to be used during the day. While a day cream is lightweight so that you can wear it under makeup. It is also formulated with a sun protection factor. Before you start your day, you get your skin ready for all its tests. So you should find the cream with antioxidants like Vitamin C protecting skin against environmental pollution and free radicals coming with sunlight. The day cream should be applied gently to clean skin with massaging moves.

What do we offer?

In our shop you can buy an organic day cream containing Dead Sea minerals. They come with almost any function, you can imagine. You are suggested to visit your beauty expert for consultation and then choose:

  1. moisturizer for dry skin with argan oil;
  2. nourishing cream for tired skin with spirulina;
  3. a product with a shine control for oily skin with charcoal, removing excess sebum;
  4. a product with a time control for younger look provided with Dead Sea minerals, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins;
  5. protector with SPF-15 and more to protect the skin from sunlight;
  6. anti-wrinkle products with natural active components.

Our advantages

You can purchase all the above mentioned goods and even more in our shop. We reserve the right to change the terms, products, and services but in any case we act in the best interest of our customers providing:

  • a safe and convenient online area for beneficial shopping;
  • a wide choice of the Israel cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals which are so good for human health and beauty;
  • a friendly return and refund policy for the customers who are not satisfied with the goods they have bought;
  • a free delivery if the amount of an order exceeds $150;
  • reasonable protection against Internet fraud and other unauthorized interference in the system.
In our catalogue you can find an organic day cream with various sun protection factors for the skin of various types. Enjoy the well-arranged catalogue and helpful options enhancing a user’s experience. If there are any issues, please, contact us via email.

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