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The organic natural hair oil is a perfect product for home routine. Apply it once or twice a week leaving for about an hour and enjoy a lasting result depending on the oil. They can give hair a gleaming look, prevent roughness and much more. They also impact on the scalp skin enhancing blood circulation and adding to nice hair appearance.

About organic oils for hair care

The natural organic hair oil is extracted through cold pressing and distillation. As a result, we have the natural product without any chemical processing and that makes this hair treatment very efficient and popular. Almost any oil contains essential fatty acids providing intense moisturizing of hairs and scalp. In addition, they include vitamins, which enhance the hair condition. Choosing the right organic product, you can get rid of numerous problems restoring your hair, locking the moisture, repairing the damaged hair, and protecting it against further damage. The oils are packed with the nutrients making the hair beautiful and strong. The longer you apply these products, the more lasting the effect. But you will notice the first changes after a couple of applications already.

What do we offer?

In our assortment there are treatments based on vegan oils. Let’s consider some of them:

  1. Organic care hair oil with formula 3-in-1 -  this is a mix of three active components: castor, argan and coconut oils. The argan one is known for its moisturizing capabilities. It helps the hair maintain moisture and look healthy and shiny. Also, it has fatty acids nourishing the scalp. The coconut oil adds to the above functions. The castor oil boosts the hair growth.
  2. Original treatment for all hair types is intended for styling and conditioning mostly.
  3. Light treatment is formulated to restore the fine hair being damaged or colored frequently. The vitamins and oils in the composition make the hair extremely manageable.
  4. Bonding oil # 7 is recommended for repair and heat/sunlight protection. It makes the hair healthy, soft, and bright. 
  5. Beautifying Hair Oil, based on a blend of such oils as argan, amelia, camellia, marula ones, and others, is able to make your hair shine as a diamond. Also, it nourishes and protects the hair.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop is a place where dreams come true. Due to the cosmetics enriched with oils and Dead Sea minerals, you can improve your appearance in a magic way. We offer great products which translate promises into expected results. On our part, we provide:

  • a user-friendly interface of our website and easy order placement;
  • efficient and reliable solutions for worldwide cargo shipping;
  • convenient, secure payment options and accurate settlements;
  • beneficial refund policy for those who want to return goods for some reasoned purposes;
  • reimbursement of shipping costs in the form of a discount for the next order if a defective product is delivered.
This is a high time to try an organic hair oil to understand how beautiful and healthy your hair can be! Just register on our website and follow the instructions to place an order. The process is easy as it can be.

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