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We highly recommend collagen treatment for hair if you want to have a young and radiant appearance. In Dead Sea Shop there are so many products enriched with collagen that you can be sure to find an item suiting your needs. All our goods are supplied by reputable and certified manufacturers which guarantee the stated properties of the marketed products. Do pay attention to the items with Oxoacetamide Amino Acids and carbocysteine in the formula which prevent electrostatic charging and add a lot to the efficiency of the cosmetics.

About hair collagen treatment

The collagen for hair treatment strengthens and repairs the hair. It creates a layer which hydrolyzes the hair locking in moisture and provides a lasting protection. It is good both for the damaged and thin hair as far as it promotes its growth. Especially, the difference in the condition before and after appliance of these products is obvious when with aging your body begins losing collagen. Hair care with collagen products strengthens the hair, protects it against various impacts, including the heat or sunlight, and removes the problem of split ends. You may forget about hair frizz! From now on your hair will be managed easily. Such products may contain other active components like keratin or Dead Sea minerals to increase the effect.

What do we offer?

In our catalogue there are many products for hair collagen treatment which you may need in order to strengthen your hair and treat your scalp. They are enriched with proteins, keratin oil, vitamins, and plant extracts which are very efficient making the hair soft and full. Please, choose the most suiting:

  1. shampoo to remove sweat, dirt, oil and to clean your hair. When you massage your hair with some amount of this hair care product, you help the active ingredients penetrate into hairlines and improve them. 
  2. conditioner to improve the appearance of the hair. It is always applied on a daily basis after shampooing and left for about 3 minutes before removed with water. It revitalizes the hair, making it shiny and smooth, protecting it from environmental impact. The functions of this product depend on its formula. If it is enriched with keratin oil, it will make your hair full and shiny.
  3. serum to repair your hair from the root and to reduce consequences of impact of numerous external factors.
  4. masks enriched in collagen to boost the effect, make the hair easy to style. They are applied on the hairs after using shampoo and remain for up to 10 minutes, then you should rinse your hair with clean water.
  5. express spay to see the result immediately after the first application. It may nourish, moisturize, deliver volume or make the hair easy to comb. It is usually used after washing when the hair is already dry. It is not rinsed.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop is full of Israel cosmetics but without restrictions. Here you can find a wide range of brands known all over the world. Still the most precious offering is the hair cosmetic enriched with Dead Sea minerals. In addition to the diverse assortment we provide:

  • a friendly return and refund option for your complete satisfaction. If there are any issues which make you to return the item you have purchased in our online shop, just let us know and you will be suggested to return goods within 14 days and after the customer support approval; 
  • a free delivery of an order if its cost is equal to $ 150 or exceeds this sum;
  • the information about any product in the form of a detailed description and its well-done pictures;
  • a range of payment methods accepting the most major credit/debit cards.

The collagen hair treatment can be done in the salon by the professionals or it can be a part of your home care routine which is affordable and very efficient. Just try buying a set of the products to apply on every stage of the procedure.

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