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Try a shampoo from Israel to understand the difference. We suggest you to benefit from a rich assortment of various products for your hair containing the Dead Sea minerals which stimulate hair growth building proteins and cleanse the head properly absorbing oils.

Go to Dead Sea Shop to find a lot of shampoos of various brands and enjoy their intense effect causing a brilliant result.

About hair shampoo

The shampoos are used to cleanse the scalp and hair but also these products are able to improve their condition due to special ingredients in formulas. The Dead Sea salts are able to enhance a blood circulation of a scalp and that will lead to thickening of the hair. But their most precious virtue is that they contain a pack of useful minerals, making your hair healthier, smooth, removing excess sebum and heavy oils. This is a natural remedy restoring your hair visually. Of course, such a simple procedure as washing even with the use of very efficient components will not change the structure of the hair but in case of daily use of these shampoos, the result will last longer.

Healthy hair allows you to play with various hairstyles and find new looks highlighting your beauty. Such care with organic products will contribute to your entire look enhancing your personality. It can add to your dress and impress people around even more than your make-up. The shining smooth hair will make you more beautiful while a stunning hairstyle provides a kind of a confidence boost. There is no need for a special event to learn this magic! You should take care of your hair every day, exploring new products and options.

What do we offer?

In our catalogue you can find Israel shampoo for the hairs of every type and achieve the best result you can only expect. They are easy to apply. Just add a little amount of the product to your wet hair, foam making massage movements for a while and rinse it with some warm water. There are products with various additional components for even more targeted care like shampoos with:

  1. Dead Sea mud and minerals as the active ingredients for recovery and nourishment of the damaged hairs;
  2. keratin for the smooth, shiny, and light hair with the best looking ends;
  3. spirulina algae for an anti-hair loss effect making you to forget about falling out;
  4. castor oil for a faster growth;
  5. coconut oil for an extra volume;
  6. argan oil full of vitamin E and fatty acids for a perfect restoration;
  7. plant extracts for a silk touch and softening.

Choose any of our products suiting your needs and forget about damaged and dull hair as well as about heavy hair loss. You should know that the hair protects your head from the impact of UV radiation coming with such pleasing sunlight. And that means that thanks to the healthy thick hair you will not feel dried out when you spend a lot of time in the open air in summer. Well, there are a lot of reasons to groom hair in a proper way. The perfect coiffure will make you look gorgeous and young. That is why a well-selected shampoo is a nice addition to your anti-aging routine too.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop is an online area welcoming every customer from all over the world. It can boast of a rich offering and the beneficial terms including:

  • a wide variety of cosmetic products from woman collection containing Dead Sea minerals which are so helpful for your beauty;
  • the appliance of the advanced technologies, traditional Israel formulas, and world practice in making the hair healthy and silky;
  • the best logistics providing our customers with fresh products being delivered right within the specified terms regardless of the destination - anywhere in the world;
  • the trustworthy business approach for wholesale customers and plenty of useful options.
Once you try a shampoo made in Israel with natural components, you’ll prefer it to other analogues due to a stunning result.

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