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In the Dead Sea Shop there are a lot of efficient cosmetic products from certified Israel manufacturers. Here you find a natural organic face serum which is able to deliver its active components deeper into the skin and cause the best effect possible. You will be impressed with what it is able to do with your skin. Even without additional procedures, you will look perfect. 

About face serum

We are going to say a few words about the best benefits of face serum. First, these products deliver a highly concentrated package of nutrients to the skin. They are usually applied just before your day or night cream. The serum can have various purposes. It can be a moisturizer or anti-age booster. Anyway it penetrates into the skin and you can see the result after the first application. It acts quickly delivering the active components almost immediately. In order to enhance the effect, you should seal it with applying your day or night cream next. The serum does not feel greasy or heavy on the skin like some other cosmetic products do. It is very light and pleasant but still it is very efficient due to particular formulas focused on the particular goals.

The organic serum usually has a powerful accumulative effect but as we have already mentioned due to solid concentration of the active agents, the result is viewed at once. The longer you use it, the more it improves your appearance. Some serums protect the skin from environmental damage like sunlight and others. In order to choose the product suiting your personal needs, you should understand your skin type and its condition. But there are serums which are needed by everybody like the one with vitamin C making the skin smooth and radiant.

What do we offer?

Visit our shop to buy the best organic face serum with natural oils and Dead Sea minerals. We offer a wide choice of products to meet various requirements including the serums with such effects as:

  1. time control provided with vitamins;
  2. contouring which make a face young and beautiful;
  3. anti-aging which prevent and remove the wrinkles;
  4. recovery with vitamin C brightening the skin;
  5. vitalizing with immediate source of energy;
  6. nourishing and moisturizing provided with such components as spirulina and argan oil.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop helps every customer to find the most efficient cosmetics with natural ingredients including Dead Sea minerals, oils, plant extracts, proteins, and others. Also, we provide:

  • an easy way to register and place an order;
  • a secure payment system for safe transactions;
  • a range of useful options enhancing online shopping;
  • beneficial delivery terms including a free delivery for the orders amounting to $ 150 and more;
  • a friendly return or exchange policy.
Look for the best organic face serum in our catalogue. There are various products with various compositions and you can choose the one suiting the type of your skin and purpose. Enjoy the assortment and our favorable terms!
Black Pearl Royalty - Prestige Capsules - DeadSeaShop.comBlack Pearl Royalty - Prestige Capsules -
ALTERNATIVE + – Time Control Vitamin Serum – Capsuls -
ALTERNATIVE +Time Control Vitamin Serum
$37.50 $74.99 -49%Sold out
ALTERNATIVE + – Active Facial Serum -
$35.75 $71.50 -50%
black pearl - Contouring Face & Eye Cream Serum - deadseashop.comblack pearl - Contouring Face & Eye Cream Serum - deadseashop
BLACK PEARLContouring Face & Eye Cream Serum
$49.90 $69.00 -27%
Hyaluronic SerumHyaluronic Serum
$20.00 $40.00 -50%Sold out
Stem Cell CreamStem Cell Cream
$20.00 $40.00 -50%Sold out
Mogador - Intensive Facial Serum - deadseashop.comMogador - Intensive Facial Serum -
MogadorIntensive Facial Serum
$17.95 $35.90 -50%Sold out
Vitalizing Facial SerumVitalizing Facial Serum
Canaan OrganicsVitalizing Facial Serum
$24.50 $48.99 -49%Sold out
CANAAN Minerals & Herbs - Silk Face Serum for Daily Use - DeadSeaShop.comCANAAN Minerals & Herbs - Silk Face Serum for Daily Use -
CANAAN Minerals & HerbsSilk Face Serum - Daily Use
$24.48 $48.96 -50%Sold out
Alternative Plus - 4 Facial Care Products Kit - deadseashop.comAlternative Plus - 4 Facial Care Products Kit -
ALTERNATIVE +Luxury Facial Kit
$175.00 $345.00 -49%

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