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The experts recommend adding more collagen to skin care, boosting natural collagen production and making the skin smooth and young. In Dead Sea Shop there are collagen creams postponing skin aging. They will build a film-like layer on the skin like a barrier protecting against environmental impact.  Thus, if you want to firm your skin, buy any of the products we suggest.

About collagen

The condition of your skin depends on a collagen content to a great extent which makes the cells strong. And when the skin contains enough of this protein, it looks plumper and firmer. When we drink a lot of spirits, smoke, fail to sleep properly and spend too much time in the sun, as well as with aging, the organism produces less collagen while we start to lose its actual reserves. As a result, we have more wrinkles and dull skin. The only way out is to refuse the unhealthy habits and apply a quality organic collagen cream moisturizing the skin, improving its elasticity, and fining wrinkles.

So, collagen is needed to make your skin thick and strong. Its efficient amount allows you to have a plump skin which will keep its shape and integrity and will not sag. And do not forget that the older we get, the less effective fibroblasts become. This is genetics and we cannot avoid the process. But we can help our skin stay young longer removing environmental factors including pollution and UV exposure and following the skin care routine adding cosmetic products enriched with collagen. Such anti-aging creams are perfect addition to your daily self-care routine.

Also, you should consider your menu as collagen is produced naturally in the body when you eat food full of amino acids. You should include egg whites, dairy, Vitamin C, beef, pork, shellfish, beans, various nuts, cocoa powder, and some other products. Altogether the above arrangements will help you to forget about dryness of the skin and signs of aging for some time. The additional bonus is stronger bones and joints.

What do we offer?

In our catalogue there are the products enriched with collagen and active Dead Sea minerals which improve the skin even better. You can choose:

  1. Creams with collagen, retinol, and Dead Sea salt both for oily and dry skin. The wonderful biotechnological moisturizers keep a moisture content under control, minimize small wrinkles. They can be applied on the face and neck.
  2. Eye creams. They are finely-textured and rapidly absorbed products refreshing and moisturizing this sensitive skin. When you apply such products regularly, you make your eye area glowing and firm. The key component impacts on an under-eye area keeping the skin's elastin firm.
  3. Collagen creams with SPF with a long dispatch (usually within 24 hours). They firm the skin and contribute to a natural process of collagen production. The sun protection factor allows you to feel confident being in the sun. Such creams contain an aromatic oil complex, active Dead Sea minerals, essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 for an even and young skin. 

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop is full of benefits for every customer. Here you can enjoy:

  • the simplest way to place an order;
  • a diverse range of products from the certified producers;
  • a convenient delivery time depending on the destination all over the world;
  • an easy return or exchange of purchased items within 14 days of receipt subject to the specified terms;
  • a mistake-proof option of a gift card with various values and without processing fees.
Choose an organic collagen cream for face in our catalogue meeting your particular needs. There are multi-active products penetrating the skin, hydrating it, reducing wrinkles, and preventing lining.
Collagen Day Cream For Normal to Dry Skin
Collagen & Retinol Night Cream
PEPTID+Collagen & Retinol Night Cream
$19.95 $24.95 -20%
Collagen Day Cream For Oily SkinCollagen Day Cream For Oily Skin
BIO MARINECollagen Day Cream For Oily Skin
$14.75 $29.50 -50%
Hydration Day Cream With Olive Oil
BIO SPAHydration Day Cream With Olive Oil
$24.90 $59.80 -58%
Sea Of Spa Bio Spa Pure Mud Collagen Mask -
BIO SPAPure Mud Collagen Mask
$18.49 $36.99 -50%
Nourishing Night Cream With RoseSea of Spa Bio Spa Night Cream with Collagen and Rose -
BIO SPANourishing Night Cream With Rose
$24.90 $38.00 -34%
Collagen Face SerumCollagen Face Serum
BIO MARINECollagen Face Serum
$15.75 $31.50 -50%
Collagen Day Cream For Dry SkinCollagen Day Cream For Dry Skin
BIO MARINECollagen Day Cream For Dry Skin
$14.75 $29.50 -50%
Natural Collagen Night CreamNatural Collagen Night Cream
BIO MARINENatural Collagen Night Cream
$14.75 $29.50 -50%
Collagen Eye GelCollagen Eye Gel
BIO MARINECollagen Eye Gel
$15.00 $30.00 -50%
Collagen & Mud Mask For Skin RejuvenatingCollagen & Mud Mask For Skin Rejuvenating
Bio-Marine-Collagen-Peeling-Mask-2Collagen Delicate Peeling Mask
BIO MARINECollagen Delicate Peeling Mask
$16.00 $32.00 -50%
Collagen Hydrating Beauty MaskCollagen Hydrating Beauty Mask
BIO MARINECollagen Hydrating Beauty Mask
$15.00 $30.00 -50%

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