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The facial peeling gel is the right cosmetics you need to renovate your skin and make it brighter and younger. It is not aggressive but still very efficient, boosting the collagen production and reconstruction process. 

In the Dead Sea Shop, we suggest you to consider various products with the above described functions which will help you to stay fresh and beautiful regardless of your age almost.

About facial peeling

The peeling is definitely good for your face. It exfoliates the skin deeply and almost atraumatically. The light peel enhances the skin texture and complexion, reducing fine wrinkles. The repeated treatments will renew your face removing its drawbacks like acne scars. You will see the expected result in several treatment sessions but even after the first time the skin will become much better. Face peels will remove pigmentation, provide hydration, change skin texture, smooth wrinkles and fine lines. The products developed for home usage are easy to use and safe. The Dead Sea minerals facial peeling is one of them so that you can apply it without any special preparation and skills following the instruction of the producer. It is good for a dry and sensitive skin being rather mild but at the same time providing a brilliant result - velvety smooth and refined skin. The treatment should be added with a intense moisturizing day and night cream regardless of the season.

What do we offer?

Please, find a Dead Sea peeling gel in our catalogue if you want to stay young without solid cosmetic procedures. This unique and innovative product is applied to the face and neck with messaging moves and provides you with:

  1. smooth young skin after removal of dead skin cells without any mechanical scrubbing of the face;
  2. fresh healthy skin which is not scratched or damaged in any other way that is why it does not require any rehabilitation therapy;
  3. glowing appearance which is possible due to the enhanced blood circulation in facial skin promoted by the gel;
  4. young look provided with the active ingredients of the product like vitamin B5 and E, Aloe Vera, chamomile;
  5. protection of the skin from free radicals coming with environmental factors.

Our advantages

The Dead Sea Shop welcomes everybody who wants to stay young for a long time and have healthy, beautiful skin! Our every customer can count on:

  • a rich choice of cosmetic products with Dead Sea salts in formula for the better result;
  • fast and accurate delivery to any place of the world within the specified terms;
  • return of the goods within 14 days from the first delivery and after the deal is approved;
  • cancellation of the order subject to the particular procedure;
  • favorable terms for wholesale customers.
We recommend you to consider a face peeling gel with Dead Sea minerals to provide the most efficient exfoliation of the skin with its immediate nourishing and moisturizing. We guarantee the high quality of the goods as they are supplied by the certified manufacturers only.
Sea Of Spa Bio Marine Facial Gel Scrub
BIO MARINEFacial Gel Scrub
$15.00 $30.00 -50%Sold out
Pure Mineral - Refreshing Peel Off Masque -
Gentle Facial Peeling CreamGentle Facial Peeling Cream
Canaan OrganicsGentle Facial Peeling Cream
$17.83 $35.66 -50%Sold out
Mogador - Gentle Facial Peeling Cream - deadseashop.comMogador - Gentle Facial Peeling Cream -
MogadorArgan Gentle Facial Peeling Cream
$17.85 $35.70 -50%Sold out
Bio-Marine-Collagen-Peeling-Mask-2Collagen Delicate Peeling Mask
BIO MARINECollagen Delicate Peeling Mask
$16.00 $32.00 -50%
Delicate Peeling Mask
BIO SPADelicate Peeling Mask
$24.50 $39.00 -37%
Black Pearl Royalty - Peeling Mask - DeadSeaShop.comBlack Pearl Royalty - Peeling Mask -
Black Pearl Royalty - Thermal Mask - DeadSeaShop.comBlack Pearl Royalty - Thermal Mask -
Black Pearl RoyaltyThermal Mask
$130.00Sold out
black pearl - Pearl Peeling Mask - deadseashop.comblack pearl - Pearl Peeling Mask - deadseashop
BLACK PEARLPearl Peeling Mask
$49.90 $69.00 -27%
Canaan Charcoal and Kaolin Clay Deep Cleansing Facial Mask -
CANAAN CharcoalDeep Cleansing Facial Mask
$22.49 $44.99 -50%Sold out
canaan Charcoal Pore Minimizer Charcoal Mask -
CANAAN CharcoalPore Minimizer Charcoal Mask
$22.49 $44.99 -50%Sold out
Polishing Cocoa Peeling Mask
BIO SPAPolishing Cocoa Peeling Mask
$24.90 $50.25 -50%

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